[TAIWAN POWER] GT-8000W Gasoline Generator can be added to the timing (process)

Startup mode: key start & hand
Structural mode: open frame

▼ applies to
Power outages, camping, outdoor activities, barbecues, dinners, aquariums, construction, performances, mobile dining cars, mobile coffee carts.
It is equipped with clear water brand argon welder and electric welder using fine electrode, ion cutting machine, co2 welding machine and air compressor.

The device comes with:
Output indicator, overload warning light, 110v four sets of sockets, 110v large socket set, 220v set of socket / Dc12v socket, start switch / flameout switch, fuel switch, Dc overload switch, fuel tank cap
110v plug double set, 220v socket set, 12v plug clip set, Mars plug extractor
Size about cm: length 66 width 50 height 53 weight about 96 kg