Workplace equipment:

A large computer oil pressure folding bed, a hydraulic perforating bed, five automatic punch, two automatic feeding frame, six electric chain crane, two vertical shear bed, two anti-electric welding machine, anti-electric shock Two sets of transformer, a ionization air cutting machine, a high current charger, two welding generators, two high-speed winding machine, two high-speed welding machine, A 5000V insulation test high pressure meter, two 2000MΩ high insulation test resistor, five high voltage current tester, a transformer dedicated high pressure vacuum insulation injection box, two large high temperature hot air box, a variety of voltage. Phase test function machine, two high pressure air concentration barrels, eight large mobile platform car, a heavy diesel stacker, work with freight elevator, four light and heavy scales, six large working platforms, three heavy mold rack, Twenty-two light and heavy parts frame, a strong high-pressure water gun, a set of high temperature thermometer, a high audio decker, two table-type grinder, a flat wheel cutter, three hand-held grinder , Group efficiency power tool, a large industrial plastic wrap supplies, industrial supplies large bubbles cloth, five-layer wear-resistant cardboard supplies, six industrial fans, a large exhaust fan.

Office area:

Five high-performance LCD computer, a set of professional use of the file made of software, a set of manufacturing-specific Invoicing software, a set of manufacturing-specific B0M table process software, a set of high-precision label machine complex, a professional Fax machine, a high-quality monocular digital camera, professional digital camera, a set of independent Internet telephony, a set of China Telecom 20M super High-bandwidth network, a small simple label machine, thirteen feet red dragon petite aquarium fish tank, nearly a million crystal gems feng shui strokes array.