[TAIWAN POWER] ACP-4.5HP ultra-quiet oil-free power-saving air compressor

Horsepower: 4.5hp
Air tank capacity: 50L
Speed: 1720rpm
Displacement 300L/Min
Voltage: 110v 60Hz range: 105-115V
Size: 67*33*63
Weight: 42kg
Must buy reasons:

▶Lightweight, small platform and large capacity

▶Safe without big fan

▶Super quiet and super power saving

▶Adjustable gas output pressure and water filtration

▶Qingshui brand quality assurance trust

The only indoor and close test dB range in the country: 76~78 (generally air compressor is about 100dB)
Scope of application: Going out. Home. Gifts. Construction sites. Small factories. Aquariums. Pets. Afraid of noise...
Applicable industries: decoration, water and electricity, air conditioning, spray paint, studio. Want to blow and spray demand
Power supply: plug-in 110v voltage
The large capacity of the gas storage tank is about 50 liters (please visit the shop for plant specifications and electricity)
Size: 69*33*68
Included: Four sets of moving wheels. Two air filter elements. Gas pressure water filter.