Chinshui persists in the highest quality manufacturing principles:

Power-saving: welding machines of Chinshui are made of highest quality and the most power-saving mode "no-load current 2A." Far better than other factories cut corners to create the consumption of electricity 13A-41A, clean water brand welding machine has been saved 7- More than 21 times the power consumption, you can save the "7 times to 21 times the annual" electricity costs. Example: the use of clean water brand welding machine cost of one year to spend 10,000 yuan, the use of his brand welding machine will cost 7 to 21 million yuan of electricity, the use of the company welding machine can save unnecessary electricity costs.
Resistant operation: clean water brand welding machine and his factory the same model of the internal coil size transformer structure, design, the use of materials significantly different. Example: the use of clean water brand 300A welding machine, the fan can be free to 100% connected to the welding electrode 4.0, his factory 300A welding machine, such as 100% even welding 4.0 electrode, it is easy to cause the welding machine transformer temperature continues to rise , The coil burned, the intensity weakened (retreat), more serious will lead to fire lead to casualties, so clean water brand welding machine for the longest.
Clear water motor famous saying:

Buying and selling may not, after that is word of mouth. (products of Chinshui can be expensive, but can not cut corners to cheap to sell)
I'm afraid you do not come afraid you do not buy (Buy welding machine transformer to see the price parity to buy low quality, buy high-quality multi-function election clear water card)
Please do not obsessed with the price of the product but ignore the brand, quality, function, performance, power, more important to the seller's technology, services, reputation, evaluation, history.