[TAIWAN POWER] ACP-B5 soundproof ultra-quiet oil-free air compressor

Horsepower: 5hp
Qingshui brand ACP-B5HP/60L four-cylinder oil-free maintenance-free ultra-quiet box near silent speed pumping and electrode-saving air compressor
0~8kg is super fast in only about 138 seconds.

Must buy reasons:
1. Lightweight small platform with 60 liters and large capacity
2. No regular oil change and maintenance
3. Safe and non-hazardous large fan blades
4. About the traditional one-half decibel ultra-quiet
5. About one-third of the traditional electricity bill is super power saving
6. Gas output pressure regulating water filter can be added
7. Qingshui brand quality assurance trust
8. The only one in the country when there is a problem to change one
9. The only true one-year warranty in the country
10. Dumping is not afraid of oil leakage
11. Pump up very fast
12. Easy to move with moving wheels
13. There is no lubricating oil, so the exhaust air is not greasy and can be used for food and medical treatment
14. Ultra-quiet box shell is nearly silent and extremely beautiful and non-sense
15. Safety shell protects against impact
The only indoor place in the country and close to the test decibel is about 50dB near silent (generally air compressor is about 100dB)
Scope of application: Home. Gifts. Construction site. Aquarium. Pets. Babies. Afraid of noise. To save electricity...
Applicable industries: residential, decoration, water, electricity, air conditioning, spray paint, food, medical, woodworking, dental, DIY, research room, office, etc.

Power supply: plug-in 220v voltage anywhere
The air tank has a large capacity of about 60 liters, which can also be multiplied and stacked
(Please call and come to the factory for plant specifications)
Size cm approximately: length 85 width 40 height 80
Weight about 70kg
Included: Four sets of large moving wheels. Two air filter elements. 3 meters power cord