[TAIWAN POWER] GT-2000W gasoline silent frequency conversion generator can be added to the timing (process)

Frequency conversion = super fuel-efficient Ultra-quiet = sealed shell (non-cheap high-decibel noisy type)
▼ applies to
Power outages, camping, outdoor activities, barbecues, dinners, aquariums, construction, performances, mobile dining cars, mobile coffee carts.
Qingshui brand argon welder can be used, Qingshui brand electric welder can use fine electrode, Qingshui brand ion cutting machine can be used, Qingshui brand co2 welding machine can be used

▼ Included Equipment
Output indicator, overload warning light, oil alarm light, 110v three-hole dual-group socket, Dc12v socket, USB socket voltage stable pluggable mobile phone, slow/fast, start switch/extinguish switch, fuel switch, Dc overload switch, choke, Fuel tank cap / fuel gas pressure relief switch

▼Maintenance package included
110v plug, 12v plug clip set, Mars plug extractor, eleven-word screwdriver
Size about cm: length 45 width 25 height 42 and weight about 20 kg (recommended 95 unleaded petrol)